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Are Discount Cafe Beans Really A Way To Save Money?

72Whether you are the most avid everyday coffee addict or a casual occasional coffee drinker, you want to get the most out of every cup of coffee you make or order. Having a cup of coffee should be an inviting and pleasant experience that lets you enjoy your day just a little bit more. Our organic cafe beans deliver a boldly unique aroma and flavor combination that will keep you coming back for more. There are a number of reasons why beans of an organic origin produce coffee of such an unsurpassed quality.

The Hype Products labeled as “organic” are popping up more and more on store shelves. Many people are jumping on the bandwagon because their family, friends, or favorite celebrities are joining in the trend, but few seem to know what it really means to be organic and why organic products are a good choice. Organic products are generated using little to no synthetic additives, fertilizers, or pesticides and are not genetically modified. It is a natural “greener,” healthier, and more sustainable way of producing sustenance.

The Method Coffee beans come from a variety of sources all over the world. Our roasting and blending methods reflect those various origins in order to keep the full flavor and distinctiveness of each bean intact. First, each origin of organic cafe beans is roasted separately. Next, the roasted coffee’s taste profile is fine-tuned before any blending takes place. Lastly, the perfected coffees are blended to create the treasured flavor assortments our customers know and love.

Blending the coffee only after the taste profiling process takes a little longer, but it optimizes each batch’s potential and ensures consistency, allowing you to get the same great product that you expect every time you purchase of package of our coffee. We use only certified “green” beans and every batch is carefully perfected by the well-trained sight, smell, and taste senses of professional roasters, not just machines. Only the best beans are used, all foreign particles are removed prior to roasting to avoid any flavor interferences, and an experienced roast master oversees the cooking process and determines when each batch has reached its prime.

The Difference The use of pesticides in any farming environment, coffee production included, affects the overall ecosystem that encompasses the product, the health of the farming communities involved, and eventually trickles down to affect even the health of you, the consumer. Using only organic beans supports a healthy coffee-growing environment, a healthy final product, and even protects the livelihood and habitats of the area’s wildlife. It also minimizes damage to the soil and allows farmers to keep their crops growing strong year after year.

Excluding synthetic chemicals from the production process also guarantees that the only thing that makes it into your coffee is the naturally rich flavor produced by the plant itself. You can rest assured that the pure taste and resonant texture will not be altered by the addition of unnatural, and potentially harmful, substances. Investing in organic cafe beans is a win-win for you and for the environment.

What Are The Different Types Of Organic Green Tea Products?

71Consuming organic green Matcha offers far more health benefits compared to ones that are processed out of chemically grown leaves. Obviously you will be paying a little extra when you buy organic genmaicha, but it will be worth your money. Green tea is one of the best beverages to include in your diet if you are following a weight loss program. Most of them buy Sencha which is the common form of Japanese green tea. However, if you are one of them who feel that drinking plain green tea everyday is not very exciting then there are many different types of organic tea products to purchase. Each of these is different in terms of the way they are cultivated, manufactured, the way they appear, taste, feel and smell.

Some Tea Varieties You Can Purchase

Popular green tea manufacturers offer a wide variety of products to tea lovers. Some of the different varieties of organic green tea products are sencha, organic sencha, organic matcha, matcha, green matcha genmaicha, gyokuro, tencha and blueberry matcha. They are all top of the line products that are produced out of the best leaves using top quality manufacturing processes. If you haven’t tried any of these flavors, order small quantities of all varieties, taste them all and determine a flavor that you are likely to enjoy the most for long. Many of these products can also be used in dessert recipes to achieve unique flavors and it is also the best alternative if you don’t like to consume green tea gyokuro in liquid form.

Genmaicha Green Tea

Genmaicha tea derives its name from an old legend originating from the Honshu Island. The word ‘cha’ is the Japanese term Genmaicha is a steamed green tea that has a unique toasty flavor. The specialty of this particular type of matcha is that it is blended with fire toasted rice. It has a natural sweetness to it and a chewy character to its finish. You can buy genmaicha with Matcha which is also popularly referred to as ‘popcorn’. If you have never tasted this product before, you can be rest assured that you are likely to enjoy the nutty flavor that no other tea product can provide. You can also include it in your cafe menu as many chefs are doing so due to increase in the number of people switching over to green matcha.

Gyokuro Green Tea

Gyokuro is another variety that achieves light green color when brewed. It is sweet and has nutty taste. It is one of the finest of Japanese teas and the best known organic Japanese green matcha. This green tea gyokuro is smoother and less bitter compared to organic Sencha. If you want the best experiences, benefits and flavors out of your daily cup of green , then buy organic gyokuro. It has a complex layer that you will discover each time you sip on this wonderful beverage. It provides a harmonious infusion from every bit of the tea leaf and you are sure to feel energized and relaxed after every cup.

Bloomingdale’s Gluten Fee Dessert Offerings at Cafes in Five Store Locations

68Bloomingdale’s Cafe 504 & 40 Carrots are stepping up their game, with an addition of allergen friendly dessert options to their menu. Look out for the Gluten-Free Rainbow Cookies & Back & White Cookies. These cookies are bringing an authentic taste of NY to 5 Bloomie’s locations on the east coast.

The following Bloomingdale’s stores now offer Shabtai cakes & desserts: Roosevelt Field Mall – Garden City, NY Chestnut Hill Mall – Newton, MA Town Center – Boca Raton, FL SOHO – NYC Short Hills Mall – Short Hills, NJ

The selection of baked goods are also Dairy Free, Peanut Free, Lactose Free, Casein Free, Soy Free, Corn Free & Certified Kosher. They are also baked with organic palm fruit shortening, and evaporated cane juice.

Many cafes and food retailers are now offering wheat free options for their customers. Over the last 5 years the market has boomed, with hundreds of new gluten free products appearing on supermarket shelves annually. Many mainstream food manufacturers are reformulating some of their most popular items, to obtain a this niche market. For example Chex now labels their Rice Chex, as gluten-free. Betty Crocker has even developed a line of gluten-free baking mixes.

You can find allergen free menus at some of the nations leading chain restaurants including – Benihana’s, P.F. Changs, Outback Steakhouse, Legal Sea Foods, Pizza Fusion, and countless others.

Budweiser even launched a wheat free beer called, Redbridge. Another popular safe for Celiac beverage is Hard Apple Cider. The most popular brand of Ciders is Woodchuck Cider.

Colleges, Stadiums, and Arenas are all starting to stock gluten-free options. The NY Mets had a GF day at the stadium this season. They launched a dedicated GF food concession, along with Kozy Shack as their major Sponsor. Other venues have followed suit. You can find GF hot dogs and beer at Citizen Field in Philadelphia, PA.

You can bet that you will continue to see these specialty options popping up in more places than you can imagine.

Those who have celiac disease are told to refrain from eating gluten. Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is a genetic disorder that affects at approximately 1 in 133 Americans. The Symptoms of celiac disease range from diarrhea, to weight loss, and malnutrition. Celiac sufferers damage their villi (shortening and villous flattening) in the lamina propria and crypt regions of their intestines when they eat specific food-grain antigens (toxic amino acid sequences) that are found in wheat, rye, and barley.

Have You Decided to Give Up Coffee? Try These Alternatives

67Have you finally decided to give up coffee because you are worried about your blood pressure, disrupted sleep patterns, or other health concerns?

If you, like up to 20% of the population in the Western world, have IBS, you have probably learned that coffee is a trigger. Surprisingly, decaffeinated coffee is also a trigger. It is not just the caffeine that stimulates your gut. Coffee contains an enzyme that irritates the digestive tract.

You love the flavor and the entire coffee experience – but you know that coffee is not agreeing with you.

The decision has been made… but you miss that early morning experience… the warm, rich flavor, texture, and aroma… the way it feels as it caresses your tongue and glides down your throat.

Coffee substitutes might be the answer for you.

Grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits form the basis for many coffee-like beverages. They may be roasted, steeped, or boiled to extract the substances that are used to produce a final dried product that you mix with hot water or prepare like regular ground coffee.

Here are a few substitutes that might be worth trying.

Caf-Lib Original Blend Caffeine-Free Grain Beverage

Caf-Lib is an instant coffee alternative extracted from roasted malt barley, roasted barley, and roasted chicory. It is 100% all natural with no caffeine, sugar, chemicals, or preservatives. It looks and tastes much like coffee without some of coffee’s disagreeable side effects.

Pero Caffeine-Free Instant Natural Beverage

Pero, a product of Switzerland, is made from malted barley, barley, chicory, and rye, with no added ingredients. It is very low in acidity and has a coffee-like taste.

Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee

Teeccino coffee substitutes are rich in inulin, a soluble fiber from chicory root that helps to improve digestion/elimination and increase the absorption of calcium and minerals. It is nonacidic and high in heart-healthy potassium. Teeccino is available in several flavors.

Dandy Blend Instant Grain Caffeine-Free Coffee Beverage

Dandy Blend is macrobiotic, vegan, and gluten-free with no acidity or bitterness. It features the health benefits of dandelion and the rich, full-bodied flavor, smoothness, and texture of real coffee.

Cafix All Natural Caffeine-Free Instant Beverage

Cafix coffee substitute gets its rich flavor from a healthful blend of all natural ingredients… nothing artificial. Ingredients include malted barley, barley, chicory, figs, and beet roots.

Cafe Orzo Organic Italian Caffeine-Free Alternative

Cafe Orzo is made from organic roasted barley. Brew it the way you would coffee – in your drip coffee machine, a drip filter, or in a French press. It is a smooth, nutty drink with a rich flavor.

Crio Bru Vega Real

Vega Real is premium roasted cocoa with natural hints of red berries and dark spice. The earthy-toned beans are harvested at the peak of freshness and then crafted to reveal a luxurious, complex flavor that hints of red berries and dark spice with a cocoa aroma. Making Crio Bru is easy, whether in a coffee maker or French press. The brew is reported as delicious, especially when you add a little sweetener or creamer.

Note: cocoa beans contain small amounts of caffeine. If you are caffeine- or chocolate- sensitive, this may not be the beverage for you.

Natural Touch Kaffree Roma Caffeine-Free Coffee Substitute

Kaffree Roma Roasted Grain Beverage is delicious and satisfying. It is made from roasted malt barley with a touch of chicory. Enjoy the robust, full-bodied taste of coffee without the caffeine, tannic acids, or coffee beans.


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